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If you're a teacher who's been tasked with preparing learners for a future in web design or development, you know how difficult it is to find resources built for you to help your students. We're here to help!

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Empowering educators to teach web design and development

Whether you're looking for a few lesson plans, a complete online text, or a modern approach to keeping students on track, we've got you covered. DevClassroom is built for a wide range of teachers; it doesn't matter if you're a veteran in the classroom or a n00b thrown in at the last minute. We can help your classes be a smashing success.

Full-service platform to track student growth and progress

DevClasroom was built to make the lives of teachers easier. It can be difficult to plan out a curriculum, write standards, create formative assessments, and summatively assess students' abilities. We make it a snap to check student progress throughout the curriculum and provide you with great ideas for end-of-unit projects.

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All lessons and activities are completely free

That's right: all the content we create is absolutely free. Even if you're not interested in our tools that will make your teaching-life easier, you still have access to our curriculum, online text, teacher notes, and project ideas.

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Ready to get started?! In less than five minutes you can create your account, set up your first class, and invite all your students. You'll be ready to JUST teach in no time!

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